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Dongara Westwith Moblas-5 in the background?: Photo - SSC
Dongara West
with Moblas-5 in the background?
: Photo - SSC

Dongara West

Location: 29.03 South, 115.21 East on the Yatharraga pastoral block.

This station is owned by the Universal Space Network, a subsidary of SSC.
It consists of three multiple-frequency-band parabolic dish antennas supporting S, X, K, and Ka bands.

Dongara East

Location: 29.05 South, 115.36 East on the Yaragadee pastoral block.

The eastern station is owned by SSC.
It consists of a single 13.56m S-band parabolic dish with fast-field upgrade to K and Ka band.
The station can act as a back-up to the adjacent USN Dongara West site.

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