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FPQ-6 Radar

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Note the RCA computer at the heart of the system: Block diagram reconstructed by Bob Hocking
Note the RCA computer at the heart of the system: Block diagram reconstructed by Bob Hocking

Brief System Details

Antenna: 29 ft Cassegrain feed, Gain - 51 db across the band.
Feed: Five horn monopulse
Depth of Null: 35 db
Bandwidth: 0.4 degree.
Polarisation: Transmit and receive vertical …
… or Transmit left hand circular Receive right hand circular
Rates: 500 mil/second. (both Azimuth and Elevation)
Would track smoothly at 0.01mils/sec. (1 degree = 17.8 mils)
Drive: Hydraulic, Azimuth bearing is hydrostatic.
Rotation: Azimuth 360 degrees continuous.
Elevation: -2 to +182 degrees.
Receiver: Three channel amplitude monopulse.
Dynamic Range: 120 db.
Threshold: Paramps on, 0.6 Mhz I.F. bandwidth, -112 dbm .
Preamplifier: Heated parametric amplifier (one per channel) Gain 17 db, bandwidth 100 khz.
Noise Figure: Paramps on: 4 db. Paramps off: 10 db.
I.F.: 30 Mhz
I.F. Bandwidth: 4.8, 2.4, 1.6 or 0.6 Mhz
Transmitter: Power (pulse): 3.00 Megawatts, (average): 5.00 kilowatts
Duty cycle: 0.00167 max.
Pulse width: 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 or 2.4 microseconds
Pulse Rep. Freq.: 150 or 640 p.p.s. normal (range from 142 to 1707 p.p.s. available)
Frequency: 5.4 to 5.9 GHz. Variable in 243-KHz steps.
Power Amplifier: Three-cavity klystron, gain about 30 db.
Range System: Digital, split gate auto track.
Range: 600 yards to 32,768 nautical miles. unambiguous.
Rates: Slew rate 240,000 yards/second maximum.
Tracking rate: 20,000 yd/sec
Target acceleration: 600 yards/sec/sec.
Accuracy: Skin mode 5 yds Beacon mode 10 yards
Angle System: Rates: As for antenna
Accuracy: 0.1 mil (S/N greater than 20 db)
Scans: Rectangular, raster, circle or spiral.
Max scan ampl: 2.8 degrees
Major axis of rectangular or raster scans selectable
Direction of rotation of circle and spiral selectable.
Servo bandwidth: 5Hz.
Data Ouput: Range, Azimuth and Elevation at 0.1 second intervals.
To data recorder (magnetic tape 200 bits per inch) …
… and high speed modem (2400 bits per second).
Range, Azimuth and Elevation at 6 second intervals.
Low speed via teleprinter. (one line per 6 seconds)
Displays: 1 x 7 inch A scope.
1 x 5 inch A scope.
1 x 12 inch C scope.


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